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What is the reach of our community engagement, only counting in-person touch points?
The In-person Engagement (in-person only) KIPI score shows your organization's relative performance of in-person touch points divided by the organizations' population.

The last available data we have for you is Fiscal Year . To see your KIPIs for missing years, please login to update your survey data with the CDP here.

In-person Engagement (in-person only) KIPI score

Sorry, but there's not enough information to calculate aIn-person Engagement (in-person only) KIPI score for .

Your In-person Engagement (in-person only) KIPI Score
In-person Touch Points / Population

If you decide that scoring better on this index is a goal, you would need to increase your In-person Touch Points
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Your In-person Touch Points
Your Population (spatially adjusted)
Sorry, but there's not enough data to calculate a In-person Touch Points KIPI score.
The In-person Engagement KIPI is already calculated on a per capita basis.

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