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You care about the health of your organization. So do we. SMU DataArts has created a free diagnostic tool, the KIPI (Key Intangible Performance Indicator) Dashboard, which provides your organization's financial and operating performance results relative to organizations like yours nationally so you can assess health and sustainability, and hone strategic decisions.

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What's a KIPI Score?

KIPI scores are personalized and confidential performance metrics across nine key areas powered by data submitted through the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) survey.

I Have My Scores, Now What?

SMU DataArts has provided a list of resources, including articles from field experts and a list of consultants to help build a culture of data-driven decision-making within your organization.

Don't Have a Cultural Data Profile?

The CDP is a secure online survey that collects financial and programmatic data from nonprofit arts organizations and provides immediate access to your personalized KIPI Dashboard.

Why it's important

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"I think it is fabulous, and overall I do believe it is a great representation of DBDT's performance. I plan to share with my Board which is seeking a way to measure DBDT's progress after we implement our new plan." Zenetta Drew, Dallas Black Dance Theatre
"The more I poke around on it, the more I realize what a wonderful tool this is going to be for us and what a great resource for the entire community."Tim Johnson, Kitchen Dog Theater
"As we become more familiar with the dashboard, we may discover ways that it can help direct/support new initiatives and decisions."Cheryl Blumenthal, San Jose Children's Discovery Museum

Our Latest Research

Our library of white papers and reports provides insights on varying topics, such as "How Distance Influences Arts Attendance" to help arts leaders gain deeper understanding and move their organization's scores in a positive direction
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Credits & Acknowledgements

We are grateful to IBM for its support of this project, especially Carlos Ruiz, IBM Business Analytics Specialist.
Additional support from

Special thanks to Dr. Rick Briesch, SMU DataArts' first research fellow, for his contributions to this project.